9 Best Android Development Courses, Classes and Tutorials Online

It’s a gentle introduction that will provide a working app at the end. Skillshare requires a monthly memberhip fee, but the first month is entirely free. That means you can enjoy this course and others in their entirety, and simply cancel your subscription at the end if you aren’t interested in any others.

  • Even if you’ve been using Android Studio almost every day to develop your apps, you might not realize some of the really useful features hiding within.
  • This GitHub repository contains blueprints for learning about the different architectural tools and patterns to develop Android apps like a pro.
  • This post focuses on how you can make the best use of those techniques and principles specifically in Android development.
  • This article provides some options for your developer toolchain that could make you a lot more productive.
  • This course comes up with all the required and highly-demanding skills required by industries.
  • The package name is an internal reference used by Android to differentiate it from other apps.

You’ll gain this knowledge via 37.5 hours of video and 117 articles. This comprehensive course in Udemy will teach you everything you need to know about Android Development. It will guide you how to properly build android apps using the Kotlin and Java programming interface. It will teach you how to build android apps by mastering the android studio interface. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion is available for you to download. This is one of the top courses offered by Udemy which covers everything a beginner needs to know to become an Android developer.

Learn How to Make an Android App – BitDegree

Android Studio allows you to access libraries and APIs from the Android SDK, thereby giving you access to native functions of the operating system. You’ll also be able to build your app into an APK using Gradle, test it via a “virtual device” (emulator), and debug your code while it runs. One of the best and most up-to-date crowdsourced resources for Android developers. Here you’ll find guides and tutorials about almost everything in Android. And the best part is that it is completely open source, so you can contribute to it as well. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how to build, deploy, secure, and scale everything from web apps to mobile apps using C#, Java, Angular, and Java.

Complete Android Development Lessons

It will teach you everything you need to know about app development from beginner to pro. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is available for you to download. If you’re a beginner interested in Android development, Google offers Android Development for Beginners course to help you get started with Android development. In this course, you don’t need any prerequisites to learn Android development as it is also a beginner-friendly course and free of cost. Also, it comes with a flexible deadline option where you can adjust your learning pace as per your comfort.

Learn Unity for Android Game Development

Just browse through their course catalog to discover their array of Android development programs. The following three courses are ideal for all newcomers as you’ll start off learning the basics before tackling any difficult topics. You will master the necessary skills to create your very own Android app. In this Specialization program, learners will be taught how to use Java to write Android applications.

Complete Android Development Lessons

Java is the most commonly used programming language to develop Android apps, however, a new language; Kotlin is also taking the Android development world by storm. Learning how to develop an app will boost your career as a coder and open up many doors in the coding industry. AIDE is the Android Integrated Development Complete Android Development Lessons Environment, an Android app you can download from the Play Store and use to build and develop your own apps for the Android platform. In other words, this is a pared-down “Android Studio Lite.” It boasts greater portability, but lacks a lot of the advanced features you would get from a desktop IDE.

A Beginners Guide to Developing Android Apps – BitDegree

With all that said, keep in mind that there are other options available for your Android app development. For example, Unity is a very powerful tool for cross-platform game development that also supports Android. Likewise, Visual Studio with Xamarin is an excellent combination for creating cross-platform apps in C#. Learn Android development online from the best Android development tutorials & courses recommended by the programming community. If you are interested in developing apps for Android wearables, this is a complete tutorial to get you started. Android has a very rich community of open-source apps, but how do you know which ones will teach you the right lessons?

  • Students will eventually work their way through some important app development concepts.
  • Now’s the time to learn it, as you will need to use it heavily to design your layouts in Android.
  • We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with some of the top Android app development courses available online.
  • You’ll have a hands-on experience with projects and work on assignments which will enhance their learning experience.
  • It includes 119 articles to read to give you a thorough understanding of the concept.

The next course offered by Coursera is Java for Android, which is a part of the Android App Development Specialization. This is a beginner-level course for learners who must have a basic understanding of Java. It is a MOOC course which teaches you how to program core features and classes from the Java programming language that is used in Android, for developing mobile device apps. This is a must-go-to course for Android development every developer must have. It has instructor-led sessions, real-life case studies, assignments, lifetime access to the course, and 24×7 expert support.


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