8 2 Accounting for indefinite-lived intangible assets

This is particularly prevalent in the business-to-business sector where there are contracted relations between parties. In turn, this is a valuable asset as there is an established supplier/customer relation. Copyrights grant the owner the exclusive ownership of a piece of work. This is an intangible asset that provides legal protection to the owner and gives them the right to use and distribute their work. For example, certain plays may only be performed under a licensed copyright.

  • Various types of assets could be considered tangible or intangible, some of which are short-term or long-term assets.
  • This is because they do not have an identifiable value and useful lifespan.
  • Some intangibles have an indefinite life and those items are not amortized.
  • A franchise is a right to use a formula, design, or technique or the right to conduct business in a certain territory.
  • In turn, this is a valuable asset as there is an established supplier/customer relation.

In fact, this type of intangible asset has helped McDonald’s expand right across the world. These agreements allow McDonald’s to obtain a fee in return for individual entrepreneurs using their brand and infrastructure. Many firms build up a customer list over the years which can prove to be a crucial intangible asset. They may start with one customer, and build up many thousands over the years.

What is an Intangible Asset

However, there generally is a higher degree of uncertainty concerning the benefits generated from intangible assets than that concerning tangible assets. Intangible assets are noncurrent assets that have no physical properties. They generate revenues because they offer a firm value in future revenue production or exchange because of the right of ownership or use. Furthermore, you can use various methods to calculate the amortization expense to be charged to the intangible asset.

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  • In fact, this is why Apple’s brand alone is said to be worth over $200 billion.
  • What this essentially means is the difference represents how much the buyer is willing to pay for the business as a whole, over and above the value of its individual assets alone.
  • A copyright has a legal life equal to the life of the creator plus 70 years; the economic life is usually shorter.
  • The capitalized cost should then be amortized over its remaining economic life, which is usually substantially shorter than its original legal life.

For example, a social media platform’s algorithm governing its feed is an indefinite intangible asset, because it can exist as long as the company does and will add value over the long term. It could also be separated from the company and sold to someone else, if the company chose. Intangible assets only appear on the balance sheet if they have been acquired.

How does a company acquire intangible assets?

In other words, intangible assets represented on your balance sheet are either acquired as a part of the Business Combination. Fixed assets are always considered tangible assets as they have physical dimensions and presence. Fixed assets are long-term assets that can be sold for cash and are depreciated over their useful life. The cost of some intangible assets can be spread out over the years for which the asset generates value for the company or throughout its useful life.

The value of which can be determined by the amount broadcasters pay for it. Calculated intangible value is a way to determine value for intangible assets that isn’t linked to a company’s market value. Intangible assets are classified in terms of their useful lifespan as either identifiable, with a finite lifespan, or non-identifiable, with an indefinite lifespan. Intangible assets also have much to offer by way of competitive advantage since they help create perceived customer value. This comes into play when a business is bought or sold, as intangible assets add value beyond the book value of the tangible assets.

But in a global economy where value increasingly comes from knowledge, and not just physical assets, understanding how companies use intangibles is key. Since these costs have been treated as expenses, they will not appear as assets on the balance sheet and will therefore have no book value. Intangible assets can be difficult to value since their future benefits are often uncertain. Of course, for example, a contract or licensing agreement would tend to have a definite timespan, but assets like brand equity would be much harder to define.

Identifiable vs non-identifiable intangible assets

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Identifiable intangible assets

For instance, most people can easily identify Apple (AAPL) just by seeing its logo. As an example, below is Starbucks Corporation’s (SBUX) balance sheet with the entry for “goodwill and intangibles.” This https://accounting-services.net/intangible-asset-definition/ is the annual overview, with 2022 on the left. Accounting uses historic costs to calculate the value of a company, whereas market value comes from how investors perceive the future of the company.

Where have you heard about intangible assets?

Accountants are not concerned with the lack of physical form of assets such as checking account balances, receivables, investments in securities, and prepaid expenses. If the company believes that impairment may have taken place, an impairment review must be conducted. It involves comparing the net book value with the cash-generating ability of the asset. If the review shows that there has been an impairment of the recorded net book value, the loss in asset value (reduced) results in an expense in the income statement.

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This might be the case if a firm has an iconic brand identity, or a secret recipe that makes it distinct from competitors. Thus, you will often see that when a company is bought by another company, the purchase price is greater than the book value of the assets on the company’s balance sheet. The below example contains a list of the most common intangible assets.

In other words, you business must have the intent or the ability to generate, use, or sell the intangible asset. Furthermore, you should be able to showcase how such an asset will generate economic returns in the future for your business. As per IAS 38, the following are the intangible assets examples or intangible assets list. Intangible Assets may give your business future economic benefits in a variety of ways.


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