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These ice breaker games are perfect for building confidence, fostering a sense of togetherness and impressing your boss. Remote working has many benefits to both employers and employees, but one of the main negatives is that it is increasingly hard for teams to bond and for individuals to feel included. Even if they’ve worked together for a while, icebreakers help strengthen team effectiveness and unity. Maybe your attendees are miles away from each other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help foster connection. Bad icebreakers feel like forced summer camp activities, while good icebreakers are the seeds of amazing friendships, business partnerships, and more.

For each statement the participants stand up if they could answer the statement with yes. We accept our feelings, leaving behind what we doesn’t serve us right now. Ice breaker ideas can come from anywhere, and so can great ideas. This icebreaker promotes unity as it gets people to realize that they have more common ground with their peers than they first might realize. As people become aware of their own unique characteristics, they can also help people feel empowered to offer the group something unique. Participants mingle and ask questions from each other while noting the answers on post-its.

Tips to Choose the Best Icebreaker Questions and Games for Your Team

You can even modify this activity to have your group vote on the best pair of shoes or story! We love the fact this icebreaker is incredibly simple but always invites fun and creativity into the meeting. Virtual team ice breakers can also be effective ways to catch up and save time later in the meeting. A quick check-in round can help surface issues, wins and potential discussion points.

It’s a great way to enhance engagement & help people set goals and hold themselves accountable. It also makes others aware of everyone’s intent and can help prevent misunderstandings. Each participant gets a set of few LEGO bricks (identical sets to everyone – a few items, around 5-10 bricks per person will suffice).

The Problem-Solution Icebreaker

The group then tries to unravel the “human knot” by unthreading their bodies without letting go of each other people’s hands. Once their avatar is ready, they “upload” themselves by sticking their card to the wall. Then they find the people they know and draw lines to make the connections. This is one of our favourite ice breakers when working with large, multi-discipline groups where connections might not be immediately obvious. In this mindful ice breaker, ask people to take a few moments to “check-in” with themselves and write down their worries, energy levels, and what else is on their mind.

Space out the rounds after breaks throughout the day, so the group has an incentive to get back to the room on time. Then instruct them to present their questions icebreakers for virtual meetings to the group and to collectively decide on the best one. Instruct the participants to interview each other and tick off the boxes that apply to each person.

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Here are some ice breaker ideas for when you just want to have fun with your team. They’re also incredibly fun to play, making them a welcomed break from regular work activities. They break down barriers that might exist between employees & make it easier for people to communicate with one another.


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