Be a part of Something Local & New | Wedding Venues in Bucks County

Wedding Venues in Bucks County

If you’re on the hunt for wedding venues in Bucks County, then consider giving the Warrington a visit! Throughout the year, we host many special events that allow people to see our facilities and test our food.

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Any Way You Slice It: Wedding Cake, Favors & Centerpieces

Cake at Wedding Venue in Bucks County

There are so many decisions you make for your wedding day that reflect who you are as an individual and as a couple.  Half the fun comes in all the details you decide on that represent you best.  From the wedding venue to the favors you hand out, we want it to reflect who you are and be something your guests can also enjoy.  So what details are safe to be completely selfish about and which ones should you consider your guests in as well?

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Improve Your Wedding Day Experience

Bucks County Wedding Venue

There is often so much on your plate in the process of preparing for your wedding day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of some of the often overlooked but important additions you could add to your wedding day experience?  We have compiled a list of those sometimes forgotten but important factors that contribute to the overall guest experience.  I know we both agree that we want your day to be as memorable as possible so let’s dive in.

Three of the largest guest takeaways from any wedding day experience include the music, the people present, and the food.  We have suggestions for you on how to optimize each of these experiences when you celebrate at our wedding venue in Bucks County.

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End of Night Stations

Cheesesteak Bar - Wedding Food Station

Still hungry after your big day? Through all the running around and dancing it’s no surprise that three meals may not cut it for you and your guests.  Solution? One of our end of night stations will satisfy the appetite of anyone.

Guests are even moving from the traditional Wedding favor and replacing it with these stations.  The reason? Your guests prefer to be sent on their way without having to stop at a drive through to satisfy their midnight cravings.  We even have a station that allows your guests to wrap their own favor up which consists of all we’re going to talk about here…food. Let’s begin!

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Wedding Reception Traditions Worth Keeping

Wedding Reception Venue Traditions

Couples have been saying “I do” for the past 5000 years according to The Huffington Post and with this history comes a lot of tradition.  We’d like to share with you which traditions our Brides kept and for good reasons.

Some Wedding Reception traditions include the formal introduction of newlyweds for the first time in public, a first dance, the decision the bride and groom make of what to do with their piece of the cake (be gentle), and the always popular Bouquet and Garter Toss to symbolize future celebrations to come from those eligible.

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Weddings on Holidays

Holiday Wedding Reception Venue in Bucks County

You’re on the game show Family Feud and you’re asked “what do people think about most when they hear the word, Holiday?”  You ring the button first and shout out “family and friends!”  You most likely guessed the number one and two responses on the survey board.  Interesting enough, it’s family and friends that make your wedding day extra special because what is a grand celebration without those closest to you involved?

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Expanding the Bar: Goose Island IPA & Seasonal Sangria

arbor-room-barBig beer companies may be struggling, but craft beer is a booming business. According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of small, independent brewers has doubled in the last five years.

For venues that host weddings, this is both an opportunity and a problem. Wedding venues have always tried to offer more recognizable brands such as Coors (“The Banquet Beer”) or Budweiser. While these options are certainly popular, the spectrum of flavors they offer is limited.

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Brand New Bridal Suites at the Warrington Country Club!

doylestown wedding venue bridal suite loungeThe Warrington Country Club features brand new bridal suites for our couples!

The suites include a vanity for the bridal party, lounge area, mirrors, bathroom, and closet to enhance the experience of your special day at our Doylestown wedding venue. Our brand new bridal suites are just one more reason why the Warrington Country Club is the perfect venue for your wedding in Bucks County.


Your Doylestown Wedding Venue Destination

Here at the Warrington Country Club, we understand the importance of having a large, private space for our bridal parties and that is why our rooms were designed to be 15’ by 30’ which can comfortably accommodate groups of any size. We’ve designed this space with your bridal party in mind, providing a safe and secure space for you to prepare, leave your personal belongings, and speak privately with your friends and family. The contemporary style provides a chic area for our guests to get ready and have a special celebration before and during your wedding!

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Have a Last Minute Bite with Our Late Night Stations

They say at a wedding, that the bride and groom often don’t get a chance to eat. Between photos, toasts, speeches, dances and greeting guests, it’s hard to find the time to get a bite.

Warrington County Club feels the pain of these hungry newlyweds and their guests!

That’s why we’ve set up our new late night stations. We put them out about an hour before the festivities wrap up, designed to help please anyone who wants a last minute bite.

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We Love Our Amazing Clients!

Thank you Monique Ebbecke for your review on Yelp!

Monique Gonzalez - Matt Ebbecke - Wedding - D71_5311“We were married last Saturday 1/23/16 during the worst blizzard the Tri-state area has seen in over a decade we believe. The sad part was, there was no way to tell how bad it was going to be until it was on us. “Can you postpone?” was asked a lot, but I had my father in from Florida a week early, family staying in the hotel close by and everything was set for that specific day.

The days before the wedding, Mary and Kathy, from Warrington CC both assured me that we could make it work. The staff would be there – either by staying in a close hotel or being literally “trucked” in. Needless to say, I was still a little apprehensive considering the entire area was placed on State of Emergency. After having hair/makeup and DJ cancellations, I wasn’t sure how any of it would be pulled off. In comes Tracy, an event coordinator from Warrington who worked with the groom’s best man and groomsmen to set up audio equipment free of charge and even had an iPod ready with traditional ceremony music if we needed it. When I got to the venue (earlier than previously estimated) set up was already halfway done, the staff who was running around feverishly after coming in from the cold were smiling and welcoming, and Tracy was ready to greet me and my bridal party at the door. We went over some details and before I knew it the night was off.

I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have chosen the Warrington. The guests that could make the wedding (about half) raved about the service, the food and the organization in a stressful time. The club even let those who came in wearing winter gear change into their formal attire using an empty bridal suite! The amount of accommodation, preparedness and overall pleasantries we experienced made this a night we will never forget. I honestly don’t think we would have had the same experience if we chose another venue. I highly recommend the Warrington team to anyone looking to get married. If they can pull off this wedding in a blizzard I’m sure they can pull off just about anything!”

The Grateful Bride Mrs. Ebbecke