Mother’s Day 2017 Done Right

mother's day buffet banquet in Bucks County

Mothers have been recognized for just over a hundred years.  Excuse me? Well, at least in terms of an official Mother’s Day.

There are only three Holidays where more money is spent than Mother’s Day (no cliffhangers: Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas) and what are most sons and daughters doing this day for mom? Gathering the whole family together for a Mother’s Day Brunch.

The Warrington Country Club is currently taking reservations for this year’s Mother’s Day.  Let us help you plan a special day for Mom.

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Super Bowl Sunday?

Football Party Event Planning

Let’s be honest; the proposal of your dreams isn’t going to happen today unless your significant other is a true romantic who parts with America’s game to spend a memorable evening with you.

You may not know/care or have a favorite team between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots but this could be an excellent time to show what’s extremely special about your relationship with each other: The fact that you can spend quality time together in any event.

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The Warrington Country Club: It’s a Culture

Ryan Ford at the Warrington country club in Bucks County

Photo of Manager/Owner Ryan Ford rewarding the employee of the month by working their November 4th shift. The employee is still compensated for the shift

Eight years ago, when searching for my career I was asked a question during an interview about what meant more to me: recognition or compensation.  I immediately began thinking of a culture where employees recognized each other’s hard work.  Where a flat rate compensation didn’t reward all the subtle and grand efforts key employees exuded.

Here at the Warrington Country Club we embrace a different approach.  One where hard work is recognized as soon as a fellow employee exceeds the expectations of our guests, demonstrates a phenomenal work ethic, displays a willingness to learn more about the position, and an eagerness to teach others.

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Have a Last Minute Bite with Our Late Night Stations

They say at a wedding, that the bride and groom often don’t get a chance to eat. Between photos, toasts, speeches, dances and greeting guests, it’s hard to find the time to get a bite.

Warrington County Club feels the pain of these hungry newlyweds and their guests!

That’s why we’ve set up our new late night stations. We put them out about an hour before the festivities wrap up, designed to help please anyone who wants a last minute bite.

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Making Mother’s Day Brunch Memorable


Mother’s Day has been around since the early 1900s, and became an official holiday in 1914.

It’s a big holiday. People in the U.S. spend more than $20 billion on their moms for Mother’s Day every year. A lot of that money goes to dining out. Mother’s Day is typically one of the busiest days– if not the busiest – for restaurants.

That’s why it’s important to start planning your Mother’s Day meal now. And Warrington Country Club is ready to help you.

For the last three years, we’ve hosted our annual Mother’s Day Brunch, a chance for families to celebrate mom at our bucolic celebration facility in Bucks County.

This year’s brunch is scheduled for Sunday, May 8 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in our Arbor Room. Let’s take a look at our menu this year.

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We Love Our Amazing Clients!

Thank you Monique Ebbecke for your review on Yelp!

Monique Gonzalez - Matt Ebbecke - Wedding - D71_5311“We were married last Saturday 1/23/16 during the worst blizzard the Tri-state area has seen in over a decade we believe. The sad part was, there was no way to tell how bad it was going to be until it was on us. “Can you postpone?” was asked a lot, but I had my father in from Florida a week early, family staying in the hotel close by and everything was set for that specific day.

The days before the wedding, Mary and Kathy, from Warrington CC both assured me that we could make it work. The staff would be there – either by staying in a close hotel or being literally “trucked” in. Needless to say, I was still a little apprehensive considering the entire area was placed on State of Emergency. After having hair/makeup and DJ cancellations, I wasn’t sure how any of it would be pulled off. In comes Tracy, an event coordinator from Warrington who worked with the groom’s best man and groomsmen to set up audio equipment free of charge and even had an iPod ready with traditional ceremony music if we needed it. When I got to the venue (earlier than previously estimated) set up was already halfway done, the staff who was running around feverishly after coming in from the cold were smiling and welcoming, and Tracy was ready to greet me and my bridal party at the door. We went over some details and before I knew it the night was off.

I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have chosen the Warrington. The guests that could make the wedding (about half) raved about the service, the food and the organization in a stressful time. The club even let those who came in wearing winter gear change into their formal attire using an empty bridal suite! The amount of accommodation, preparedness and overall pleasantries we experienced made this a night we will never forget. I honestly don’t think we would have had the same experience if we chose another venue. I highly recommend the Warrington team to anyone looking to get married. If they can pull off this wedding in a blizzard I’m sure they can pull off just about anything!”

The Grateful Bride Mrs. Ebbecke

Book Your 2016 Wedding at Warrington

The Hoff-Elmore wedding at Warrington Country ClubHello, and Happy New Year!

We realize this is a busy time for a lot people, but we wanted to take a few moments today to thank everyone for a great 2015.

Warrington Country Club closed the year with a number of successful holiday parties and weddings, and people are already lining up to book for next year. That means there’s no time like the present to schedule your Christmas party or holiday-themed wedding for 2016.

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Mother’s Day at the Warrington Country Club: A Recap

Mother's DayThe Warrington Country Club hosted its third annual Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday, May 10. It was a gorgeous day to celebrate mothers and all they do for their kids. This year was another success, as we served over 350 people a hearty brunch between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

No matter if you wanted breakfast or lunch, we had a great food selection to fulfill your appetite, prepared by our executive chef. From classic breakfast foods (home fries, sausage, bacon, and even an omelette station) to our filling lunch specialties (including smoked salmon, marinated vegetables, pasta salads and smoked pit ham), it certainly was not difficult for our guests to fill up a plate or two!

Most everyone, of course, made room for dessert, featuring our Viennese Sweet table with an assortment of French pastries, assorted cakes, homemade pies, cookies, and more.

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The Warrington Country Club is adding a brand new foyer!

Warrington Country ClubThe Warrington Country Club is in the process of adding a brand new foyer that will impress you and your guests. The grand foyer will feature a portico that will be perfect for your guests to pull up to when entering the premises. The Greek columns and the sheer size of the portico will offer great curb appeal for the facility, and will add a “wow” factor for our clients arriving on the grounds. The new project will also be glass-encased, allowing anyone passing by to view the foyer’s contemporary interior design.

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